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For a good giggle check out the assortment of people doing stupid things like falling over on the video player below from WipeOutTV – we will be offering odds on whether people fall over or not and you will be able to wager on their wipeouts very soon. People are face-planting, belly-flopping, it is all going on. Check back for more details

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Stupid Business Ideas launches The "MEGA Drink" - it's MEGADo you have high cholestrol, are you a fat, lazy f$%*? Are you suffering the effects of many years of debauchery? Do you exceed your recommended weekly alcohol quota during most days? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let us ask you one more question…

Do you want the insides of a 10 year old?

That’s right, do you want your vital organs to revert to their former pure, youthful and healthy state?

Yes? We thought so! The process is simple, to get the insides of a 10 year old you simply drink one shot of Stupid Business Ideas’ new MEGA Drink each day and after 37 days of drinking the MEGA Drink your insides will revert to those of a ten year old’s. Our unique, secret formula, blended from the finest açaí berries from the Brazillian rainforests and exotic herbs from the Orient plus the very best tap water from Rotherham in Yorkshire, will reverse those years of drinking and smoking (but not inhaling obviously), restoring that red glow to your vital organs.

Our formula with its various highly nutritional special ingredients has the added bonus of keeping you awake for days at a time giving you that extra pep in your step and giving you the ability to just get things done. Other soft drinks might give you wings but the MEGA Drink will give you a turbo charged jet engine.

Plus get these other awesome added benefits:

  • lose as much weight as you like
  • finally get the “can do” attitude you always wanted
  • learn the licence plate of every car in your neighbourhood.
  • have the cleanest apartment in town.
  • skip sleeping whenever you want - really getting the most out of your life

We do recommend you stay drinking the MEGA Drink for the balance of your life as it just makes sense. Each 37 day course is only a staggering $37 a week on average. At that price, why would you want anything less than the insides of a 10 year old? The MEGA Drink from your friends at Stupid Business Ideas is available now at all good pharmacies and health food shops.

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We here at Stupid Business Ideas are very open-minded people who often find ourselves trying to look at the world from many different perspectives. We can make even the simplest question incredibly complex basically because we insist on fairly evaluating every possible answer to a question. This has been known to lead to mass procrastination, total confusion and on occasion almost complete meltdown.

Fortunately for us overly open-minded indecisive types our scientists here at SBI have come up with the ground breaking New Head-In-The-Sand Total Focus Device. This device looks to revolutionize the nightmare which is polite and informed debate. Pleasant discussion is a thing of the past and democratic decision making a mere after thought.

Now decision makers everywhere can simply insert their head or heads into the New Head-In-The-Sand Total Focus Device of their choice and forget about hearing anyoneelse’s point of view or seeing the world from another perspective. This enables the device wearer to stick with his beliefs, not being second guessed by anyone and remaining totally oblivious to potentially vital, highly relevant events going on around him or her. Top executives, to Olympic athletes, to cleaning ladies, to web publishers, to accountants, to Venture Capitalists, to botanists, to students, everybody is using the New Head-In-The-Sand Total Focus Device.

Options now available:

  • Portable designer sand buckets
  • Full Olympic sized long jump sand pits
  • Mediterranean sand
  • Fake sand
  • Caribbean sand

Available at all good men’s wear stores and fine women’s boutiques everywhere.

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The New 17 Blade Titanium HD Infra-red MP3 RazorYou look good , you occasionally pick-up the fat chick when your buddy scores the smokin’ hottie at the bar, well get the shave you deserve with The New 17 Blade Titanium HD Infra-red MP3 Razor brought to you by your friends at Stupid Business Ideas. That’s right you thought you got a smooth shave with our competitors 5 blade offerings but we were just left feeling like we forgot to shave. We will agree there was a time when these guys had something going for them but times have changed and there is a new sherriff in town. Now you can get the closest shave inhumanly possible….that’s right with The New 17 Blade Titanium HD Infra-red MP3 Razor all while you listen to your favorite digital music.


  • 17 titanium coated, diamond blades which will cut straight through butter
  • 3D woofer built into each blade
  • Mega-bass capability 
  • 3 track MP3 memory
  • Glow-in -the-dark hand grip
  • Cool belt clip
  • Distressed copper travel case
  • Wet look handle which stays dry

Available now in all good music and electronics shops for only $495 +tax

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Christmas Present Opening Service and Christmas Dinner Eating ServiceYou, the public asked for it, so just in time for Christmas we are proud to announce Stupid Business Ideas is offering our exclusive Christmas Present Opening Service. Now you don’t have to put your loved ones through those agonising minutes (and sometimes hours) of anticipation, excitement, elation and happiness that Christmas present opening brings. That’s right our skilled team of professionals will storm into your house in the early hours of Christmas day morning and quickly and clinically open all of your family’s gifts, minimizing glad tidings and goodwill as they go, leaving you to enjoy a calmer, more excitement free Christmas day.

Plus, now enjoy the ultimate convenient Christmas when you sign up for our Christmas Dinner Eating ServiceStupid Business Ideas come through for you again in these difficult economic times with another brilliant yuletide service. Save yourself the hassle and weight gain of having to eat all that delicious Christmas fare – say no to turkey, Christmas pudding, mince pies, fish fingers and the other seasonal delights and let our team of keen eaters devour your Christmas feast in a matter of minutes saving you the trouble of doing dishes and going into a supposed tryptophan (not alcohol) induced coma.

Each service costs a festive $534 each or a seasonal $1067.09 if you order them together. Call us before Christmas to reserve the most pain free Christmas yet with the Christmas Present Opening Service and the Christmas Dinner Eating Service from your friends at Stupid Business Ideas.

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SBI launch their new designer range of Air FreshenersAre you tired of having your house smell like autumn meadows, winter greens or artic ocean breezes? Having trouble finding the right fragrance for your home? Are you bored of the same old wistful and romantic french vanilla/sandalwood/lavender scent combinations? Do you feel the need to freshen things up?

Well we here at Stupid Business Ideas feel/smell your pain. We are pleased to announce our new range of designer air fresheners that will make you smile with nostalgia after you spray them around your home.

Why not try one of our classic new home fragrances and evoke some of life’s classic aromas in your home?

Fragances now available in your local store…

  • Sour Milk
  • Smoked Haddock
  • Jock Strap
  • Burnt Toast
  • Cat Urine
  • Baby Sick
  • Bacon
  • Curry
  • Pothead’s Hotbox
  • Morning Breath

Our Air Fresheners don’t just cover up odours they eliminate them entirely.

Coming soon Stupid Business Ideas brings you the accompanying range of breath fresheners!!

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Ington DictionaryDo you while away the hours watching TV and listening to other people talk? Do you dream of adding witty comments to other peoples’ conversations and being the life and soul of the party? Do you like talking shit? Now you can…

Learn the hilarious “ington” way of talking with the new “Ington Dictionary”

Within minutes you will be trying all kinds of combinations to great effect…

  • Out for lunchington – one who is away with the fairies
  • Sober as a judgeington – a tee-totaller
  • Buzz Killington – the party wrecker
  • Eat Sleepington or Sleep Eatington- one who likes to eat and sleep alot
  • Lead Leadington – your boss or leader
  • Slow Drivington or Drive Slowington- one who drives slowly
  • Work Workington – one who works alot
  • Two Timington – the unfaithful type

The formula also works for many other expressions…

  • You had better move arseington if you want to catch your plane – in other words hurry the fuck up
  • Wanna have a round of golfington – self-explanatory
  • Fuck offington – a more interesting variant of the old classic
  • What a bad smellington

The “Ington Dictionary” coming to all good book stores and available for download very soon!!

Another innovative product from your friends at Stupid Business Ideas

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Stupid Business Ideas Launches New Latin Translation ServiceAre you having trouble reaching niche customers? Is your website lacking that official, classical feel? Do you like Latin music? Are you a fan of Homer’s “Iliad”?

Stupid Business Ideas (Bardus Res Informatio) proudly launches their New Latin Translation Service.

That’s right…stay one step ahead of your competitors by making your website available in the mother of all languages – Latin!

  • Get one of our native Latin speakers to translate your entire website
  • We offer custom translations using all the latest hip Latin expressions
  • Express yourself and show people that it is not a dead language after all
  • Be the industry leader and say profound things like Caesar’s “Veni, Vidi, Vici”
  • Garner even your competitors’ respect with this unique linguistic initiative
  • Tell everyone “Carpe Diem” – “Seize the Day”

Launching Summer 2008 A.D.

Coming soon…new Egyptian Hieroglyphics translation service.

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AdaidIn what may well be our first SCOOP in the history of, and we really aren’t expecting any more, we have discovered a curious domain name holding by our favorite social futility network – Facebook.

In what started out as a ‘not-so-stupid-idea’, your hosts here at SBI were working on a possible plan for WorldTV involving ad revenues and charity. We thought of an initiative that many websites could get involved in, displaying a logo on their website. The name we came up with for this idea… AdAid.

This flush of creativity all stemmed from an impromptu staff outing to the Cliffs of Moher – a particularly inspiring but rather windy spot on the left coast of Ireland. Upon our return to home base, we looked up the domain name, but guess what we found when we visited the domain… the Facebook home page.

Facebook homepage

At first we thought it was some kind of weird cookie behaviour but indeed, really does link to Facebook. Here’s a Google search for Facebook and AdAid…

Facebook AdAid

Would Facebook like to tell us something? If they don’t have any immediate plans for the domain, perhaps they could donate it to the cause? Quite apart from anything else, if they have it as a private domain registration, why is it linked to their homepage!

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New Laser Eye Surgery Technology now availableAre you one of the unfortunate people who has poor eyesight? Are you forced to wear glasses to live your life? Do you find the cost of professional laser eye surgery to be prohibitive?

We have the solution for you…simply purchase yourself a laser pointer and then proceed to stare into the beam for 10 minutes. You will notice that most laser pointers have a warning not to stare into the beam but this is a straight forward conspiracy by laser eye surgeons who don’t want you doing your own surgery.

Two of our staff recently completed their own surgery and even though their eyes now feel like they are on fire and they feel the need to constantly wear sunglasses, they are totally convinced that their eyesight may be better soon. Quite an endorsement I think everyone can agree.

 We here at Stupid Business Ideas have a truck load of these laser pointers available for the knock down price of $800 a piece so don’t delay start giving awesome presentations with your new almost perfect eyesight now.

 Call our 24 hour order hotline on 1-888-EYE-FIRE today!!

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